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$9.90 AUD

1 Ltr Bottle

Viscosity: Fluid

• Supplied by Scooter Hire

Recommended retail price $9.90 per bottle / per litre

High quality engine coolant for cooling systems in gasoline and light-duty diesel engines

• Ethylene Glycol base to improve boiling point for efficient heat transfer
• Protect against rust and corrosion
Key Features
• Cooling the engine coolant system.
• Protect corrosion in the engine coolant system.
• Compatible with rubber or plastic seals in automotive cooling systems.

High quality radiator treatment product recommended for passenger car, light duty and heavy duty vehicle radiators.

Scooter Hire ™ is an authorized distributor of PTT Engine Oils and Lubricants in Australia Call Us Direct on (02) 8384 3609 for questions and/or trade account

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