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Scooter Engine Oil Workshop Pack

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Imported for the scooter rental industry our 18L drums add the best value for your scooter workshop suitable for all scooters and wet clutch motorcycles
Fully Synthetic SN 10w-40 Challenger 18L Drum
Honda - Kymco - Suzuki - Vespa


Premium triple film protection fully synthetic motorcycle oil formulated for high performance of modern 4-stroke motorcycles such as sports types, big bikes and choppers including gearboxes in 2-stroke motorcycles.

• Designed for high performance air and water-cooled of modern 4-stroke motorcycles such as sports types, big bikes and choppers.
• Recommended for both fuel injection and carburetor technology.
• Suitable for gearboxes in 2-stroke motorcycles.

Key Features

Improve acceleration response with triple action film booster
• Outstanding engine cleanliness
• Excellent engine wear protection under high speed conditions
• Optimize friction control for smooth gear shifting
• Extended oil drain intervals


Scooter Hire the experts in the scooter rental business across Australia have contacts world wide for scooter parts and lubricants.

Scooter Hire is the official importer of PTT Lubricants in Australia

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